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MIAD Audio PS 230

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Linear Power Supply, comming soon

The PS 230 is a 3-rail linear power supply capable of powering two LCPQ 4040 units, housed in a robust enclosure.

The unit provides ±28V DC for the audio circuit and +24V DC for the relays and the bypass indicator. The additional +24V DC rail ensures that no unwanted noise (caused by the relays and the bypass indicator) is added to the audio.

 As with all of our products, special care has been taken in the PCB design and the grounding scheme for best performance and lowest noise.

 The PS 230 can be wired for 115V AC or 230V AC operation and the two mains fuses are accessible to the user from the back side of the unit.


As this is a boutique hadmade per orer unit, Lead Time may apply

High efficiency, low noise design

Capable of powering two LCPQ 4040 units

Separate power rails for the audio signal and the relay bypass system

LED indicators for each power rail at the front of the unit

High quality 6-pin Neutrik connectors

Hand-built and hand-wired

3-year labour and parts warranty


Technical Specifications

Input voltage: 115V AC or 230V AC, 50/60Hz

Output voltage: -28V DC, +28V DC, +24V DC



Width: 230mm

Height: 80mm

Depth: 170mm

Weight (approx.): 2kg

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