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Neve 2254/R

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Mono Limiter/Compressor


Designed in 1969, the original Neve 2254 mono Limiter/Compressor unit quickly became a legend. Discrete, Class A design and transformer-coupled circuits – used in the input, innovative bridge-driver design, sidechain and output stages ensured a totally unique sound. The original 2254 units are still sought after, decades after production stopped, and they remain one of the milestone pieces of studio equipment.

Forty years on, the 2254's successor, the Neve 2254/R mono limiter/compressor represents another milestone.

Not only does it retain the original 2254's unique sonic characteristics – using the same architecture, matching components and original hand-wound transformers – but enhances it with the features that modern-day producers and engineers have asked for. Whereas the original, developed before outboard designs had been standardized, was roughly cubic in shape, the new 2254/R comes in 1U 19” rack-mount form. And the new model allows settings to be saved and recalled using Neve Total RecallTM software via USB.

There’s also manual adjustment of Fast Attack Time, continuously variable between 100µS and 2mS. Plus enhancement of the signal presence LED, which changes from green to red to warn of imminent clipping.



Classic mono limiter/compressor made to the exacting late-1960s design

Hand-made in Burnley, England using original Neve specification transformers

Original Neve 2254 discrete, Class A circuit design

Transformer-coupled circuits used in Input, Bridge-driver, Sidechain and Output stages

Manual Fast Attack Time adjustment and transparent level control

Independent Limiter In/Out and Compressor In/Out selection

Total bypass switch

Multiple units can be linked together to provide multi-unit side-chain control from a single unit

Compatible with Neve Total RecallTM software, simply connect the 2254/R using USB to a host PC or Mac running Neve Recall software

Technical Specifications 
Input: 10kΩ, bridging, balanced and earth-free.
Output: Source impedance 80Ω, balanced and earth-free. Maximum output: +26dB into 600Ω
Gain: 0 dB, with pre-set adjustment.
Noise: -72.5dBu (20Hz to 20kHz) for linear and limit modes.
Frequency Response: Flat, within 1dB from 20Hz to 20kHz
Distortion: Limit Recovery set to 800mS, Limit Threshold set to +8dBu, Limit Attack set to Normal:Typical results @ 1kHz (10Hz to 80kHz):- 0dBu Input level = 0.03% : +15dBu Input level = 0.2%
Limiter section:  
Limit Threshold: Variable from +4dBu to +20dBu
Limiter Ratio: Greater than 100:1
Limiter Attack Time: Normal = 5mS: Fast = variable from 1000mS to 2mS
Limiter Recovery Time: 100mS, 200mS, 800mS and 'AUTO' 50mS/5sec
Compressor section:  
Compressor Ratio: 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 6:1
Compressor Threshold: Variable from -20dBu to +10dBu
Compressor Attack Time: 5mS
Compressor Recovery Time: 400mS, 800mS, 1.5S, and 'AUTO' 50mS/5sec
Compressor Gain Make-up: Gain Make-up from 0dB to +20dB
Gain Reduction Indicator:  
Meter: Switched to indicate either Input/Output level - red scale (-16dBu to +12dBu) or Gain Reduction - black scale (1-16dB)
Signal Indicator LED: Green = -10dBu to +23dBu : Red => +23dBu


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