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Bettermaker Mastering Limiter

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Analog Mastering Limiter


The Bettermaker Mastering Limiter is an analog stereo VCA Limiter for studio and broadcast featuring full analog signal path. The audio processing in the Mastering Limiter isn’t done by any digital hardware nor software, it is a DSP unit. Only the control of the parameters and on-board measuring tools are digital.   

The Mastering Limiter offers two soft clip + hard clip stages of hardware clipper that allows working on the transients and also protects the following ADC stage from the overloads.

The Limiter has 3 sections that are essential to make a perfect master. All of them are recallable by the internal memory and a plugin that also handles automation.

Section 1: Analog Mastering Limiter

-100% analog signal path

-intelligent and manual release

-variable mix between limiting and clipping

-possibility to turn off the clipping section, so you can clip with you favorite AD or other.

Section 2: Color, for giving that special flavor to your mix

-Two color modules introducing different saturation that can be used simultaneously

-Color 1 with Majority of odd harmonics

-Color 2 with Majority of even harmonics

-Both color sections can be internally EQed so for example you can present more odd harmonics in the low end to give the mix more bite and sweeten the highs with the even harmonics at the top end.

Section 3: Metering, an additional screen in your studio. As it’s a touchscreen it also utilizes control functions of the Mastering Limiter. You can view your gavotte set of stats.

-Input, output and reduction

-VU full screen or scaled


-LUFS (Short term, Integral, Loudness Range, view in time)

-K metering

-31 Band FFT analyzer


-Correlation meter

-Two points of measurement, the output of the Limiter or the plugin

-and more…



• Full analog signal path

• Full digital recall of all parameters through the touchscreen and AAX/AU/VST for PC and OSX plug-ins

• Max input/output levels: +26dBu - fully balanced and protected XLRs

• High quality, digitally controlled VCA limiting section with the hardware RMS conversion

• Two soft clip + hard clip stages of hardware clipper

• Stereo and mid/side mode with adjustable width 

• Adjustable harmonic generator (color) 

• 24bit/96kHz stereo ADC for on-board measurement tools digital data (Input/output level, RMS, peak, VU metering, LUFS : short, long, momentary, FFT analysis, gain reduction over time for the VCA limiter and/or clipper, K-metering, true peaks metering, goniometer and other. 

• All measurement window displays are fully customizable by user

• Total recall with presets

• USB connection to the computer (PC/OSX) to control the unit from with suitable plug-in 

• Sync to the host session tempo to set the release time automatically and transport controls 

• Full features available in standalone mode

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