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Grace Design m201

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High-End 2 channel Microphone Preamplifier with massive headroom, ultra-wide bandwidth and a very open, musical character.

During its 12 years in production, the model 201 mic preamplifier has found its way into countless recording facilities around the world, while gathering a considerable amount of critical acclaim along the way. Now this classic two channel mic preamplifier has been completely redesigned and transformed into the m201.

The new m201 delivers unmatched audio performance, with massive headroom, ultra-wide bandwidth and a very open, musical character. The signal path has been hot-rodded to be fully balanced from start to finish, resulting in a wider dynamic range, while new high-current output drivers enable even longer cable runs without signal loss. 

The m201 translates a sonic picture of astonishing clarity and detail, which serves to capture the essential character of the music being recorded.



- redesigned, fully balanced, transformerless design

- dual parallel XLR outputs for each channel

- ribbon mic mode

- front panel DI / instrument inputs

- built in M+S decoder with dedicated outputs and front panel width control

- optional reference quality 24-bit/192 kHz A/D converter section available late 2007

- precision 24 position gold contact rotary switch gain controls

- new, higher current outputs drive even longer cable runs

- no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path

- sealed gold contact relays for all signal switching

- large two color, bi-phase LED peak indicator

- regulated linear power supply with custom wound toroidal transformer

- highest quality components used throughout

- Note : the m201's 130V option in no longer available.

specifications (without A/D converter)
Frequency Response
@ 40dB gain 0.2dB (50? source)
@ 40dB gain 3dB (50? source)
@ 20dB gain +25dBu out, 1kHz
@ 40dB gain +25dBu out, 1kHz
@ 60dB gain +25dBu out, 1kHz
Intermodulation Distortion
@ 40dB gain +25dBu out  
SMPTE/DIN 1:1 (50Hz, 7kHz)
SMPTE/DIN 4:1 (50Hz, 7kHz)
Noise - Referred to Input
@ 60dB gain 50Ω source
@ 60dB gain 150Ω source
@ 60dB gain 600Ω source
Phase Deviation
100Hz-20kHz @40dB gain
Any Channel @ 40dB gain 1kHz
Any Channel @ 40dB gain 10kHz
@ 60dB gain, 3.5Vcm, 1kHz
@ 60dB gain, 3.5Vcm, 10kHz
Maximum Output Level
1kHz, 100K? load
Input, ribbon mode
Peak Led Meter
Green threshold
Red threshold
Weight and Dimensions
2U, 19 rack mount x 10 deep 16.5lbs (7.5kg)


The Grace M201 is, in every way, a stunning microphone preamp. The build quality is uber‑impressive, the feature set is comprehensive, the options are well thought out... and the preamp itself is about as good as it gets.

Sound On Sound

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