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Fredenstein Bento 2 Bundle

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Pre-assembled set that consists of the Bento 2 and two Artistic mic preamps

The Fredenstein Bento 2 Bundle Bento 2 + Artistic Micpre is a first-class pre-amplification in the rack that consists of two excellent Artistic MicPre preamp modules as well as the Bento 2 rack for Fredenstein's 600 series modules and API-500 compatible plug-in cards.

The rack features a universal power supply with a range of 90–240V AC (50–60Hz), additional TRS inputs and outputs (parallel to XLR connections), internal audio routing for daisy chaining of slot 1 and 2 as well as the compressor buss linking function. The High Performance Artistic PreAmps can easily be pushed into the compartments and operated very intuitively. Features include a maximum gain of 65dB, a built-in 20 dB pad circuit for loud signals, a phase switch, selective input impedance as well as 48V phantom power. The generous eight-LED peak meter with a 50dB range allows precise operation, whilst a 100 kΩ direct input on the front receives balanced and unbalanced signals from guitars and basses. The combination of preamps and rack makes the Bento 2 bundle a quality studio companion for any type of production.

Bento 2:

2 slot rack for 500 modules

Audio routing and link function switchable on rear panel

Balanced XLR and jack inputs and outputs per slot

Internal power supply (90 VAC - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz) +/- 16V (+/- 900 mA), and +48 V (35 mA)

On / Off switch on the front and rear

Design: 19", 1 U


Artistic Mic Preamps:

1-channel microphone preamplifier, 500 module

Fully discrete OPA2 operational amplifier

High-quality American output transformer

High-impedance instrument input

Input impedance is switchable from 1500 to 300 ohm

48 V phantom power, switchable

20 dB pad

Gain control: 15 dB to 65 dB

LED level indicator

POL switch

Power consumption: +/- 16V +/- 50 mA

Design: 500 module


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