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Neve 8803 EQ

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Acclaimed 88 Series Equalization with USB Recall


Part of the exclusive Neve 88 Series, the 8803 is a dual channel equalizer and filter. Like the other units in the 88 series collection, the 8803 is hand-made and hand-wired in Burnley, England, and delivers legendary Neve sound with digitally recallable settings via USB connection to Mac or PC. This is an outstanding tool for creative flexibility, allowing Neve’s legendary analogue processing to be used as never before in collaboration with computer workstations.

Designed to deliver the inimitable sound of the flagship Neve 88RS console, the 8803 Dual Equalizer’s circuitry is based on the classic Neve 8108 topology. Balanced inputs and ±20dB trim are followed by two 12dB per octave filters. The High-Pass Filter has a variable corner frequency from 25Hz to 300Hz, and the Low-Pass Filter has a range of 3kHz-15kHz. The four bands of equalization offer selectable shelving and switchable Q on the high and low bands, with continuously variable Q on the mid frequency bands. Frequency selection is variable on all bands within the ranges 33Hz-440Hz, 120Hz-2kHz, 0.8kHz-9kHz and 1.5kHz-18kHz.

For modern producers and engineers looking to shape and develop sounds with unrivalled sonic purity and musicality, the 8803 Dual Channel Equalizer is the preeminent choice.



Revered equalization circuitry derived from classic 8108 design and flagship 88RS analogue console

Hand-built and hand-wired by Neve in Burnley, England

±20dB Input trim 

High pass filter 25Hz-300Hz, 12dB per octave 

Low pass filter 3kHz-15kHz, 12dB per octave 

EQ High 1.5k-18kHz, selectable Shelving/Bell, selectable Hi Q 

EQ Mid High 0.8kHz-9kHz, Q range: 0.3 to 7 continuously variable 

EQ Mid Low 120Hz-2kHz, Q range: 0.3 to 7 continuously variable 

EQ Low 33Hz-440Hz, selectable Shelving/Bell, selectable Hi Q 

EQ bypass switch 

USB port for recall of settings via Mac or PC and control software

XLR input combination jack, +4dBu, -10dBV 

XLR and parallel jack outputs

External 100V-250V power supply

Technical Specifications 
Frequency Response: +/- 0.3dB (10Hz to 20kHz)+/- 0.5dB (10Hz to 35kHz)
Distortion: <0.006% (10Hz to 20kHz using a measurement window of 10Hz to 80kHz)
Noise: < 80dB (20Hz to 20kHz using a measurement window of 10Hz to 22kHz)
Line Input:  
Input Impedance (balanced): > 20k Ohms
Line Output Impedance: < 50 Ohms
Line Output Maximum: Maximum of +26dBu into 600 Ohms. Zout 75 Ohms +/-5% @ 1kHz, balanced and earth-free.An unbalanced output 8dB below the level of the balanced output is also provided.
Width: 482mm (19 inches)
Height: 44mm (1.75 inches) - 1U
Depth: 240mm (9.5 inches) - without power socket plugged in
Weight: 2.5kg (5.5 pounds)
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