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Line Audio 8MP

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Neutral sounding 8 channel Microphone Preamplifier

Based on carefully designed circuitry that ensures uncoloured and detailed audio offering higly transparent audio gain.

The design is DC-coupled throughout, except for the matched plastic film input capacitors and is based on a low noise, discrete, class A, matched transistor differential pair input stage, followed by low noise, low distorion O/P-amplifiers. Overall the signal path is short and audibly transparent and features excellent audio quality.

The inputs are electronically balanced XLR microphone inputs with 48V phantom power, capable of delivering full phantomcurrent on ALL channels without the voltage "diving" or adding noise and hum. The XLR outputs are electronically balanced (with a slow DC-offset servo).

All XLR sockets are goldplated original Neutriks'.

To minimize noise and distortion and to ensure good gain-potentiometer performance the first stage has only two fixed gains with the gain-potentiometer is inserted at a later stage.

Power requirement: 48V DC 0.5A. External 100V-240V AC power supply included (EU plug). Other plugs available on request.
(prior to serial number 9000: 15-18VAC 20VA 50-60Hz)
Frequency response: 5Hz - 100 KHz +-0.5dB (2Hz - 200KHz -3dB)
Gain: 60dB with balanced output. (with unbalanced output 54dB)
The gain of the input stage has two fixed settings giving max 60dB or 40dB gain.
Harmonic distortion: 0.002% at -6dB below max level, at full gain of input stage
0.005% at -3dB below max level, at full gain of input stage
Highpass filter: 100Hz, 12dB/oct switchable. Other frequency on special request
Inputs:Electronically balanced 
Input impedance: 10Kohm 
Input level: max 3.2V RMS / 320 mVRMS (-20dBPAD / no PAD)
Input noise level: -128 dBU/dBm (100ohm termination, 20-20KHz B/W) -133 dBV (input shorted)
Phantom power: +48V fed through 2 x 6.8 Kohm resistors 
Phantom current: 10mA per channel, all channels loaded
Outputs: Electronically balanced.
Output impedance: 300 ohm (150ohm+150ohm)
Output level: max 15V RMS 
Output DC offset: max 1mV at 40dB gain, max 10mV at 60dBgain (PAD disengaged) 
XLR Polarity: Pin 1 ground, pin2 positive, pin 3 negative. 
For unbalanced output: use pin2 for signal and pin1 for signal ground (pin 3 ahould be left unconnected).
Size: 483 mm (W), 43.7 mm  (H), 153mm (D). Depth behind rack rail: 131mm.

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