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NoHype Audio LRM-2b /Lundahl

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Light Ribbon Microphone. Designed to offer a classic, vintage ribbon mic response with contemporary specifications. With Optional Lundahl Transformer fitted.


New version of the LRM-2, released in Nov. 2018.

The LRM-2 was originally based on the LRM-1 but upgraded in several ways. The LRM-2b goes further with higher sensitivity (at the motor/before the transformer) and a symmetrical, pure Bidirectionnal/Figure-8 Polar Pattern while the overall tone has been retained - yet with an even flatter response.

Sold with soft padded protection bag.

The current version of the LRM-2b has a new shockmount design with stronger hardware. Shockmount included.

Free matching when buying pairs or more.


Differences with the LRM-1:

Smaller size

Lighter weight

More solid, stable and less resonant one piece body

Integral (but removable) shockmount

Slightly different response, mainly flatter top end and more open low end


Differences with the (discontinued) LRM-2:

Redesigned motor with higher output and symmetrical (front=back) response.

Redesigned, sturdier shockmount.

Reduced manufacturing tolerances.

Flatter frequency response.


Lundahl or stock?

The Lundahl transformer option is typically chosen for more critical applications like classical recording. For Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz... the stock transfo is usually preferred for its added midrange colour.

Light Ribbon Microphone: Long ribbon motor in a relatively light and small one-piece body protected by a strong grille.

Integral and removable shockmount.

Response based on the vintage RCA 44BX with improved high frequency response; more linear than the LRM-1.

Frequency response: 30 to 18,000Hz +/- 3 dBs.

Polar pattern: Symmetrical pure Figure-8 (nulls at 90° and 270°) polar response.

Sensitivity: -55dB (0dB=1v/Pa) +/- 1 dB at 0° angle (front).

Impedance: 250 Ohms nominal/leg.

Max. SPL (1% THD @1000Hz): 135dB.

Fitted with removable EU size metal stand thread adapter (default USA size without adapter).

Size: 175mm x 48mm (exc. Shockmount)

Weight: 580g.

Shipping/packed Weight: 1300g.

Available with our "stock" transformer or Lundahl transformer.

Free matching when buying pairs or more

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