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KAHAYAN Proaudio Vintage 12K72 Epsilon expansion

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If you are looking for the classic 70's British console sound, here is your final option. 



For all the Epsilon summing mixer users (Studio, 32-500, I and II) here we have our classic expansion. All you just need is connect this expansion unit in your Epsilon  Passive (External) insert and move the key summing mode to Passive (External) .

Extremely easy to use and install.

All components are hand-selected one by one. The Assembly is completely handmade.

• Analog Summing Bus

• 2 balanced inputs on XLR connectors

• 2 balanced outputs on XLR connectors

• Power supply at 220/110 volts and 50/60 Hz

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the technical specification of the

product without prior notice.