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Terms of Use


Smart Audio Store has the sole purpose of customer service. The site is simple and easy to use and designed to meet the specific needs of each user.


Smart Audio Store does not distribute to any other organization or partner who is not connected with the company e-mail addresses or other information concerning users and customers.


Personal data:


Users of the site of Smart Audio Store can visit without having to reveal their identity unless they wish. That is, only if they want to order product (s), register on our website and / or send email. In this case collection:


(1) information the user gives us when registering as a customer

(2) information the user gives us to execute the order of the Smart Audio Store


Information concerning product ordering:


At the completion of any order form on our website, you will be asked your name, address, zip code of your site, your address, phone number, credit card, how to order payment. Additionally you can request more specific information, such as dispatch - delivery of an order, billing information or details on the offer you have requested.


Smart Audio Store uses the information you provide during the electronic delivery of the form to contact you regarding :

(i) the delivery of your order at your place

(ii) to confirm and identify the client, any necessary case

(iii) special


Safe credit card use is guaranteed, in some cases we might require identification evidence supporting that you are the legitimate holder. Any documentary evidence or document that certifies and declares the identity of the client remains strictly confidential and is only checked by the relevant department manager of Smart Audio Store


Smart Audio Store uses the safe and certified Piraeus Bank system  for credit card transactions.



  • Invoices are issued to companies and freelancers only if they fill in their order the following information: Name, Company, Company field or Profession, VAT Number, Tax Office (for Greece only), Phone, Address.
  • If operate in EU and you are eligable for VAT deduction, you should provide your EU registered VAT number
  •  For invoices issued for Greek areas which are subject to reduced rate of VAT, you should sent us the certificate of your issued business  (βεβαίωση έναρξης επιτηδεύματος) and goods must be delivered at the company's base. In all other cases a standard retail receipt is issued.


Serviced Countries

We currently only service countries which are EU and/or EEA members




All payments must be made in euro. Euro is the only currency we currently accept

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